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MacFormat launches its Apple netbook concept

Adam Benton, an artist who works with three-dimensional illustrations, created yet another Apple netbook / tablet concept for the MacFormat, including some general specifications about the product, a complete Media Pad, according to him.

Apple Netbook

In Adam's view, the entire portfolio Home user documents, photos, movies, music, etc. it would be placed in the ?cloud?, running on Apple servers in Cupertino. Constantly used files could be duplicated locally, but the system would allow you to always be synchronized between the tablet and desktop Macs, enabling the use of smaller SSDs on the portable device.

A dock idea would support both USB and FireWire, in addition to a Mini DisplayPort and integrated Bluetooth for peripherals, headsets, mice and keyboards. In addition, the machine would have built-in 3G connectivity, with HSUPA transfer rates of 7.2Mb / second. The operating system would be the iPhone OS itself, but adapted for a larger screen.

Apple Netbook

Sincerely? Nice, but a giant iPhone too obvious.