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Irony: Microsoft agency that attacks Apple is infested with Macs :-)

Crispin Porter + Bugosky: does this name tell you anything? If you are from the world of advertising, you have certainly heard of this agency, which in May last year received an investment of no less than US $ 300 million from Microsoft, with the aim of making it ?cool? and facing it advertising campaign Get a Mac, from Apple.

Her first shot wasn't much in the way, when she decided to put comedian Jerry Seinfeld and co-founder of Redmond's company, Bill Gates, in commercials with a somewhat dubious mood. Later, however, the series Laptop Hunters which, for better or worse, has been widely talked about in the media and in the world blogosphere.

Crispin Porter Bugosky infested with Macs

Which advertising agencies usually use Macs, everyone already knows. But having seen the profile of Crispin Porter + Bugosky on the website ihaveanidea infested with Macs was, at the very least, hilarious. Q, if iPods and iPhones don't go into the Gates' house, could Microsoft have been a little more rigorous in choosing its agency, or at least invested in some "cool PCs" for the folks there? Okay they did Hackintosh, but at least anyone looking outside would think they were running Windows.

Crispin Porter Bugosky infested with Macs

To close, have the hair of Alex Bugosky and his MacBooks Pro:

Crispin Porter Bugosky infested with Macs

the famous ?Do what I say, don't do what I do.?

[Via: TUAW.]