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File managers no longer have access to app data, starting with iOS 8.3

Amid one of several security fixes implemented in iOS 8.3, Apple ended much of the party for some existing file managers for both Macs and PCs.

As of now, they no longer have access to data from apps that run on iGadgets.

iFunBox incompatible with iOS 8.3The iFunBox was one of those affected by the change

Among the affected apps are iFunBox for Windows (shown above) and PhoneView for Mac, which we have already highlighted here on the site but these are just two examples of several.

The developers of these utilities are already looking for ways to get around the "problem", but for now the only means of access is through file sharing built into iTunes itself. Or, obviously, doing jailbreak on devices.

These managers allowed, for example, users to install on their iPads and iPhones / iPods touch apps not approved by Apple, such as game emulators.

(via MacRumors)