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With Watch, Apple shows once again that it is ahead of the competition in terms of accessibility

Apple has long been recognized as a company that cares a lot about accessibility in your products. Hardware, software are all done so that people with special needs can also enjoy the same (or at least a good part of) the benefits. As Apple Watch it is not being different.

Apple Watch - VoiceOver

A more personal experience. For everyone.

Like all the products we make, we want the Apple Watch to be used by as many people as possible. For this reason, it was developed with assistive technologies and resources that facilitate the use by people with disabilities. These resources are easy to access. They can be activated in the Settings option on the watch itself or through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

It is clear that, as it is the first generation of the product, much still needs to evolve. But it?s really cool to see that Watch already has incredible differentials for people with vision problems, like VoiceOver (gesture-based screen reader that uses the clock?s speaker), font settings (activate the Larger Dynamic Type to increase the text in several apps), in addition to zooming (zooming in on the content using the Digital Crown), gray scale (for those who have a vision impaired by colors), larger displays, transparency reduction, indicator label if a feature is activated or not, reduced animations, etc.

Those who have a hearing impairment also have available resources such as mono audio (ideal for those who are deaf or have a deficiency in just one ear) and the Taptic Engine (which warns, through ?touches on the wrist?, when a notification arrives).

Apple has already posted a page showing all these features and how people can take advantage of them. We will hope and demand that, over time, more and more resources will be incorporated into Apple's watch. But it is undeniable that Apple is well ahead of the competition in this regard.

(via The Loop)