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With iPhones 6s / 6s Plus, Apple steals more users from the Android world

Every year, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) conducts research analyzing the purchase intentions of iPhone users. It has just released updated data after the launch of the 6s and 6s Plus.

Here is the division by models after 30 days of the last 3 releases:

CIRP survey on purchasing iPhones

As you can see, previous generations are still strong in sales. Considering only the newer models, the preference for the 4.7 inch one remains higher than the 5.5 inch one, however it has decreased. The preference for the iPhone 6s Plus is now at 37%, against 25% at the time of the iPhone 6 Plus (among the models of the current generation).

This chart, however, draws even more attention:

CIRP survey on purchasing iPhones

It shows which device (or operating system) consumers used before buying new iPhones this year, also compared to the last two. The red bar leaves no doubt: Apple has stolen more users from the Android world: it is now 26%, against 12% in 2014 and 23% in 2013 (at the time of the iPhones 5s / 5c).

As Apple does not disclose official figures like these, we have to be content even with surveys / surveys like this done by CIRP. However, it is difficult to say how accurate the data is and normally they are only focused on the American market (which still has a huge representation of the whole).

(via Apple World Today)