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War Robots invites players from all over the world to an online Mech War

Aimed at fans of war robots, known as Mech Warriors, the smartphone game War Robots is completing six years and has been updated with new content for the community. This title puts players in online battles against other users around the world, who assume the role of pilots of war machines.

Match maps have objectives, such as capturing points or destroying targets. And as rewards they collect different accessories for their robots. There are over 50 machine designs to choose from, each with their own weapons and skills for their mission on the team. From missiles to plasma weapons, there is an arsenal to discover and equip the different modules of the machines.

The game has community tools for players to form cls with friends, but there are solo missions, in arenas or free-for-all modes. Throughout its six years, the production studio has been introducing new content and expanding the world of the game's narrative. In this version 6.0, there is an event with special missions to win exclusive items, alluding to the date. New Tits and pilots were introduced, new weapons and also a module for robots: the overhead units.

You can download the game for free on Android and iOS versions.