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Universal Pictures anticipates by one week the premiere of the film “Steve Jobs” in Brazil

Universal Pictures confirmed yesterday on Facebook that the film "Steve Jobs", which is not doing well at the American box office, reaching Brazilian cinemas in January 14.

The date a week earlier than expected and what still appears on the specialized website IMDb. At least according to the dates listed by him, the film arrives in Brazil with Australia and Hungary.

Universal hardly admits this, but it may be that some international release dates are anticipated precisely because of the failure of the film in the United States. Seven weeks into the show, he has so far raised $ 18 million.

According to a report yesterday New York Times, many Silicon Valley influencers also contributed to this poor performance claiming that the Steve Jobs portrayed is far from what he was in reality. It was no less: the film was based on the authorized biography of Walter Isaacson, criticized in the same way.

[tip from Matheus A. Paes Mendona]