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Tim Cook responds to the growing popularity of Chromebooks by calling them “test machines”

For decades Apple has been known to have a strong stake in the academic sector, especially in the United States. However, for a few years now it has been losing a lot to Google's Chromebooks.

As we reported, Apple this week is once again participating in the Hour of Code event and the BuzzFeed had the opportunity to meet with Tim Cook at the Apple Store, Upper East Side in New York. The focus of the conversation was precisely this recent rivalry between Chromebooks and iPads in classrooms.

The Apple CEO was somewhat reactive, calling Chromebooks ?testing machines? and that Ma products are already complete (well-solved) solutions focused on learning. Chromebooks generally cost half the price of iPads and already have a built-in keyboard, however they require constant internet connection and are limited in terms of using custom software for schools.

O Mashable he also spoke to Cook and obtained the following statement: ?I am not a fan of teaching for exams. I think creativity is very important. Train the mind to think very important. Teaching for tests, for me, too much memorization. In a world where you have all the information right here (said Cook pointing to an iPhone), your ability to memorize what year a war was won, that sort of thing, is not very relevant. () The classroom of the future for solving problems, creating and learning how to express yourself. ?

Cook also believes that programming should be a compulsory subject in schools (even public ones), that the US education system needs to be reinvented. And Apple has invested a lot in this, starting mainly with the most needy institutions.

(tip from Robson Pinheiro)