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“Steve Jobs” (Michael Fassbender) will have a hard time overcoming the box office of “jOBS” (Ashton Kutcher)

As we recently covered here on the site, "Steve Jobs" has been disappointing at the box office. The film's director, Danny Boyle himself, acknowledged that his launch strategy would have been "presumptuous".

For the thing was even worse than I personally imagined. If we look at the box office numbers in the United States, ?Steve Jobs? (starring Michael Fassbender) has already earned $ 17.8 million since its debut in October. Comparatively, he's even better than 2013's ?jOBS? (with Ashton Kutcher): $ 16.1 million throughout its period on display.

However, considering the global revenue of the two films, ?Steve Jobs? is still in $ 24.8 million while ?jOBS? reached $ 35.9 million. We know that the production scripted by Aaron Sorkin is still expanding into new markets, the debut in Brazil was even anticipated by Universal Pictures, but the difference is still quite significant. To make matters worse, ?jOBS? was produced with just $ 12 million, while ?Steve Jobs? cost $ 30 million (yes, it's still in the red).

Despite all this alleged failure of the new film, the producers still hope to score at least one Oscar nomination would certainly help in that regard. Does Fassbender succeed?

(via VentureBeat, Page Six)