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Psystar files for bankruptcy

Psystar started today in the state of Florida (United States) bankruptcy protection procedures before the courts, which should paralyze its current lawsuit with Apple for the illegal use of Mac OS X on its PCs – which, by the way, still in the commented on the case due to the passage of Memorial day. According to official documents (PDF, 226KB), the clone maker has about $ 260,000 in debt.

Psystar facade

Apparently, the main investors of Psystar left it due to the crisis, taking into account that the victory of the Cupertino firm is almost certain and could further increase its losses. By June 5, all of them are expected to be heard as parties to the bankruptcy process – including those who have stayed away from previous cases.

All legal actions of the company will be interrupted as long as the court proceeds with bankruptcy proceedings. In that time, Apple's legal department will be instructed to extend the initial trial terms for some time until the final situation of Psystar is decreed by justice. The most obvious hypothesis that it will be declared the winner in the case, as the manufacturer of clones shouldn't be able to pay for legal defense after that.

Despite the bankruptcy, the company's website is still up and announcing Macs for sale. O 9 to 5 Mac it also indicates that, coinciding with Psystar's bankruptcy announcement, a new clone maker is emerging in the United States. It remains to be seen whether she and the others will remain on the market after June 5?