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New Mac clone maker Quo Computer to open store in Los Angeles on the 1st

While Psystar has just filed for bankruptcy, a new Mac clone maker is on the market, as was mentioned a few days ago. The company is called Quo Computer and, according to CNET News, to open its first store in Los Angeles this Monday, June 1st. It also markets computers online, however.

Quo Computer website

?Exciting. We are trying to stay as close to Apple as possible with our products, ?said Rashantha De Silva, founder of Quo. ?We try to imitate things as much as we can. I hope Apple sees value in what we are doing … They will probably (sue us). ?

Rashantha explains that he seeks a different approach with Quo than others have done or have already done: ?There are thousands of people in the? Hackintosh ?market, but many of them are creating bad products. I think nobody wins in that environment. ? Quo will probably hit the market with three different models, with prices starting at less than US $ 900.

more than expected that both are in justice. For now, the Quo website has only one slogan (almost erased): ?Your computer. Your choice. Your configuration. ? The curious thing, however, is the Mac Pro look at the top of the site; would this be any indication of what comes next?