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Microsoft's Christmas commercial brings together its employees with Apple employees [atualizado]

We've already seen this year's Apple Christmas commercial here. THE MicrosoftOf course, it also did yours. And what did they do very well?

Watch the video above!

Special thanks to the voices of our Microsoft Store employees and the local NYC youth choir.

To celebrate Christmas, Microsoft employees, who were selected from all over the country, got together, meeting for the first time at the new Microsoft store on Fifth Avenue to spread some Christmas wishes. Accompanied by a local NYC youth choir, they shared a message of peace and harmony with their street neighbors.

Yes, playing with the old rivalry that exists between companies, employees of the new Microsoft Store (on Fifth Avenue) got together to sing in front of Ma's famous store, next door.

Nice gesture, nice message, nice promotion of the good brand, Microsoft! ? ?

(via iMore)

Update · 12/01/2015 at 19:49

Because of New York security rules, Microsoft had to apply for Apple authorization to film everything close to the Apple Retail Store's glass cube on Fifth Avenue, as reported by Advertising Age.

Ma did not know exactly the content of the commercial, but she obviously already imagined that she would be involved in the production in some way.

Point to Apple for releasing!

(via AppleInsider)