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Microsoft releases update to the public beta version of Office 2016 for Mac

About a month ago Microsoft released the first public beta version of the new Office for Mac. Today, the company updated its suite.

PowerPoint - Office 2016

The focus of this update was general improvements / bug fixes in the four most famous apps (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Again, we have:

  • Outlook: a new tool for people to propose a new meeting time;
  • Word: new macro recording feature, online model search (templates), possibility to create personalized dictionaries and to exclude dictionaries and new user information settings in preferences;
  • Excel: new analysis tool and new feature "Solver".

The update can be downloaded from the Microsoft support website or via the support itself. The company plans to release the final version of Office 2016 for Mac in the second half of 2015.

(via MacRumors)