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iFixit disassembles and shows us the insides of the Smart Battery Case for Apple iPhones 6 / 6s

If you have new Apple hardware on the market, you have to fall into the hands of iFixit. The hot ball, obviously, the controversy Smart Battery Case for iPhones 6 / 6s launched on Tuesday morning.

In addition to agreeing with all the Flamengo fans that the case was (very) ugly, iFixit found the following:

  • The product model A1585.
  • Through smart ducts, Apple was able to direct the iPhone's bottom speaker and microphone to the front of the case. The bottom hole for the speaker only accepts small cables, like the original EarPods.
  • To enter the case, iFixit used a hot object to release the stickers that hold the soft / velvety internal part of it. This part is already somewhat "destructive" in the process.
  • Down there, they found both brushed aluminum that helps to stick the case structure (in addition to making it more durable and protecting the battery), but also a mesh surface that makes the silicone joint more resistant. For the most part the case is made of a hard plastic, coated with a soft silicone that is comfortable to hold.
  • A tiny hole in the microfiber allows the user to see a charging indicator LED, but only when the iPhone is not positioned inside the case. When it is, everything is via software.
  • Even with difficult access, the battery has a physical connector and is well glued in place, also contributing to the strength of the case. As we already know, it has a power of 1.877mAh at 3.8V (7.13Whr).
  • On the case's logic board (which is quite rudimentary, obviously), iFixit found the two Lightning connectors (input and output) in the same place, with the connection cable surrounded by a plastic edge.

For the Smart Battery Case, iFixit rated it 2/10 in terms of ?repairability?, obviously, it is not an easy product to be repaired. O teardown complete can be seen here.