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Collaborate by reporting bad drivers with this new app

An app created in just 24 hours, but with a very cool purpose. As Bad Wheel, you can anonymously report bad drivers by sending photos and location of infractions.

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Ruim de Roda serves to denounce the bad drivers in our city. With it, it is possible to take a picture of the infraction that the driver is committing and share it with the other people who use the application and also posted on the website The report is totally anonymous and no contact data is stored in our database. The driver using the app, in turn, will be notified instantly as soon as a report is made.

The idea of ??the app, the developers explain, "make drivers aware that traffic is not just about vehicles and that other people have the same right to travel the city streets". With the collaborative spirit of Ruim de Roda, everyone can help inspect vehicles in the form of educational alerts. And you can even register your card in the app to receive notifications if it is reported by someone.

Ruim de Roda was created by Henrique Velloso, Matheus Frozzi and Moiss Pio during the Hack In PoA 2015 event, promoted by In the video below, we can check a time-lapse of the trio working on the application:

Very cool!