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Apple Store app is updated with Watch support; iMovie wins bug fixes

THE Apple yesterday updated two of its iOS apps.

Apple Store app icon

Apple Store

in Apple

Version 5.7 (80.6 MB) Requires iOS 12.0 or higher Not available on the Brazilian App Store!

O Apple Store 3.2.1 gains support for Apple Watch, allowing users to track their orders, start redeeming products at stores, check reservations at the Genius Bar and learn about events / workshops taking place at nearby stores. It is still not possible to shop directly for him.

Curiously and strangely, it remains unavailable in the Brazilian App Store even though our country already has * two * Apple Retail Stores. o.0

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in Apple

Version 2.2.9 (619.3 MB) Requires iOS 13.4 or superior

J o iMovie 2.1.2 corrects an issue in which portrait photos could be cropped incorrectly when added to a project. It also updates compatibility with sharing on YouTube.