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Apple launches its own case with built-in battery for iPhones 6 / 6s [atualizado 2x: hands-on]

In a move beyond surprising perhaps even more than the recent launch of the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock, Apple today quietly launched its Smart Battery Case for iPhones 6 / 6s.

Apple's first case with a built-in battery for iPhones.

We do not need to remind anyone that battery is one of the most criticized points in the Apple smartphone, but it has always prioritized to make it thinner and lighter, thus harming precisely the power of your battery. In this way, a large parallel accessory market was created including external batteries and just cases like this, with a built-in battery. We offer several options in the MM Store.

The Apple Smart Battery Case costs US $ 100 in the United States (there is still no sign of it here in Brazil), is available in two colors (white and gray) and promises to extend the conversion time of iPhones 6 / 6s to up to 25 hours, or the video playback time in up to 20 hours, or the navigation time via 4G / LTE in up to 18 hours. The company did not specify the battery capacity in mAh.

The cover, obviously rechargeable by a Lightning connector (and with the status of your battery shown directly on the Locked Screen or in the Notification Center), has a silicone exterior and its inside covered with a soft fabric that protects the device. Visually, however, it even scares: when I first caught my eye, I thought I was seeing a ?pregnant? silicone case. WTF ?! ? Besides, did Apple really need an accessory for that? Didn't she consider the myriad options on the market good enough?

At least for now, the new accessory is not available for iPhones 6 Plus / 6s Plus.

(via TechCrunch)

Update · 12/08/2015 s 12:37

O The Verge j ps hands on the case and published a hands-on:

The opinion that the design was strange practically unanimous, but the guys say that the footprint of the case is very good and that at least the feeling of it, with the chosen materials, is superior to other cases with built-in batteries available on the market today. The upper part is flexible to facilitate the entry of the iPhone, while competing products are usually divided into two parts.

A, there are some more advantages of a product by Apple: the first, which we have already highlighted, the fact that the case uses a Lightning connector instead of the traditional Micro-USB. Then, the integration with iOS showing the charge status of it on the Locked Screen and the Notification Center (it even has a charging indicator LED, but it is only visible when the case is without the iPhone). By the way, the Smart Battery Case doesn't even offer an alternator to turn it on / off; everything done automatically, according to the need. O The Verge he even mentions that the case has extra antennas to improve the quality of the cellular signal, in case the use of it would impact this in any way.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the case recharged a "dead" iPhone 6s by 83%. As it has an internal battery of 1,715mAh, we can then estimate that the case should not exceed 1,500mAh. In other words, Apple still gives space for other manufacturers to offer much more powerful solutions to those who need them.

Taking the ?new? price of Apple Pencil as a base, which costs the same US $ 100 in the USA, we can expect the Smart Battery Case arriving in Brazil for at least R $ 850.

Update II · 12/08/2015 at 13:45

I hadn't noticed, but the man himself The Verge cites the capacity of the Smart Battery Case: 1.877mAh. The fact that it is even a little bigger than the internal of the iPhone is justified by the loss of the charging process.