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Apple applies for patent for iTunes Store kiosk

A patent application recently discovered by the AppleInsider shows the concern of Apple in creating a way to allow owners of portable devices iPhones, iPods touch, notebooks or tablets to access all the content available in the iTunes Store even in places where there is no type of connection.

iTunes kiosk

Media distribution kiosks that can be placed in airports, hotels, shopping malls, ships and even airplanes will have their own solution for connecting to the devices that will receive the content. THE Virtual Physical Connection provides that the kiosk will be able to determine the presence of the media device in its vicinity and establish a wireless data channel with it a solution created by Apple so as not to rely on a physical connection via cables or via a common wireless connection.

All content from the iTunes Store will be available for purchase through kiosks. The user can choose to log in to his own account or choose to pay directly with a credit card for the content purchased.