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And Apple updated the 13-inch unibody MacBooks screens, but did not warn anyone [atualizado]

According to today's story from Computerworld, Apple seems to have updated and improved the quality of MacBooks Aluminum screens unibody 13 inches around the end of April, but preferred not to splurge on the news.

In the image below, you can see a comparison between the new display (9CA5), left, and the old (9C89), right:

MacBook screen comparison

The simple change in the model code already says a lot, but users describe the differences, especially those who have had the opportunity to see both side by side.

"I personally see a difference live when I use both, but others may not see it," says a user on the forums. MacRumors. ?The youngest seems to have deeper blacks and an improved contrast. I am not sure if it is as good as MacBooks Pro, but in my humble opinion this is ?a step forward? from the original MacBook screens. ?

The new displays are believed to be very similar if not identical to those of MacBooks Air.

Update (28/5/09 at 23h20): thanks to a reader alert TIGOS and looking at a second image (shown below), I can conclude even though the new (better) one on the left. Initially I thought otherwise, but the post has already been fixed:

MacBook screens with globes