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A9X has the same computational processing as A9, but twice the graphics power

Whenever a new iGadget launched, there is a whole script that happens: presentation event, hands-on, pre-sale, reviews, arrival on the market, disassembly of iFixit, resistance tests, benchmarks of processor performance Speaking of which, another thing that is becoming a tradition is the analysis of processors made by Chipworks. The iPad Pro has gone through almost all of these steps, with only the latter missing; no more.

A9X: photo of the integrated circuitA9X: photo of the integrated circuit

According to the website The Motley Fool, the A9X has a 2-core CPU (green highlight) and a 12-GPU clusters (blue highlights). In other words, we are talking about a CPU with basically the same processing power as the A9, but with twice the graphic power since the iPhone 6s chip has 6 clusters (GPU).

According to Ashraf Eassa, editor of The Motley Fool, the A9X does not have 8MB of memory cache L3 that the A9 has. He thinks this has to do with the iPad Pro processor's memory interface size that is twice that of the A9, allowing the chip to transfer data to / from RAM at twice the rate of iPhones 6s.

The unit analyzed by Chipworks was manufactured by TSMC and is approximately 147 square millimeters, 40% larger than the A9 manufactured by TSMC. Obviously this increase means that we have a lot, but a lot more transistors is a challenge from a technological point of view taking into account that we are talking about a relatively new manufacturing process.

For Eassa, the A9X is easily the most advanced mobile SoC available today due to its high graphics performance, optimal CPU, size and state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

(via iClarified)