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11 more locations gain Flyover support on Apple Maps

Apple skipped the month of November after two expansions in October (1, 2), but this week took the resource again Flyover (3D navigation) of your Maps to more locations.

This time, there were 11:

  • Annecy (France)
  • Anturpia (Belgium)
  • Detroit (United States)
  • Gorges de l?Ardche (France)
  • Mazatln (Mexico)
  • Monument Valley (United States)
  • Mnster (Germany)
  • Pamplona (Spain)
  • Pensacola (United States)
  • Pittsburgh (United States)
  • Utrecht (Netherlands)

Needless to say, it was not yet this time that the Brazil joined the game, n? ?

(via MacRumors)