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Third generation iPhone will bring radio features and Nike + Sport Kit, according to iTunes 8.2 references

The iTunes 8.2 update released during this week brought references in codes for two features expected to appear in the third generation of the iPhone, which should be presented during WWDC ?09.

A reader of AppleInsider managed to identify radio features that will even be able to tag / rate music for purchase on the iTunes Store, as well as alerts that would indicate support for the Nike + Sport Kit, currently only supported by some iPod models.

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The chance that the new Apple cell phone will have an integrated FM transmitter exists since when references were found to a new Broadcom chip for the device that, in addition to enabling this feature, would support Wi-Fi networks in the IEEE 802.11n standard.

Recently, our reader Cesar Parzianello contacted us about a post from iSpazio which released a screenshot of the Nike + iPod as an iTunes tab (at the time, a pre-release version of iTunes 8.2) on the iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5, something that may be totally related to this new rumor:

Nike + iPod on iPhone

The very different screen of the Nike + iPod running on an iPod nano, see s:

Nike + iPod on iTunes

In this specific case, what probably happened was a bug in the installation / identification of the Sfreddo Marco device, reader of iSpazio, since the functionality should not be enabled for it. The Nike + iPod screen shows details of the last exercise session and the person's history. A new option called ?Sensor? also opens the door for connecting external sensors to the product.

But, back to iTunes 8.2, the codes found interestingly also point to features like voice memos, use as an external disk (something that is really missing on the iPhone), direct video download and VoiceOver. Very, very interesting.