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Rumor: Apple would have been developing a graphics chip for iGadgets for a few years

For many years, Apple has been using graphics technologies from Imagination Technologies to equip your iGadgets. In parallel to this, however, sources from the indicate that she has been working to develop her own solution.

A GPU (graphics processing unit, or graphic processing unit) designed by Apple itself would give you even more control over all hardware aspects of iPhones and iPads. If the CPUs (central processing units, or central processing units) created by her A4, A5, A6A9X are indicative, the company's engineering team is already well qualified to create something powerful and efficient.

The software part is already well underway with Metal, the engine graphic created by Apple for games and complex applications that was launched with iOS 8 and arrived this year also on Mac, on OS X El Capitan.

The whole project would be being developed internally at Apple under great secrecy and there is no prediction of when it will be revealed, as it may never be put into practice. It will depend a lot on what the Apple team manages to develop against Imagination's PowerVR processors.

(via G for Gadgets)