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Psystar's bankruptcy petition shows that almost two-thirds of its debt was generated by its lawyers

At the tip of the pencil, $ 88,000. This is the amount owed by Psystar to lawyers hired to defend it from Apple's legal attacks during its lawsuit related to the illegal use of Mac OS X on non-Macintosh computers. The amount was accounted for as part of the legal proceedings taken for your bankruptcy case and represents 63% of your debt to service providers, of more than US $ 139 thousand.

Psystar facade

The law firm Carr & Ferrell LLC was hired right at the beginning of the lawsuit against Ma, for being specialized in the case that his client was going through and also for having already defeated Apple in justice. Apparently, Psystar was aware of paying its lawyers' fees in the hope that it would win the lawsuit against the Mac maker and thus be able to sell its Open Computers freely, as well as encourage other companies to do the same indirectly around the world. , clear.

Among other debts of the clone manufacturer, we highlight a loan of US $ 120 thousand contracted by the CEO of the company, Rudy Pedraza (not counted in the total beginning of the text, as he is internal), the fees of a judicial mediator for a stage of the lawsuit with Apple (worth US $ 6,800), taxes (more than US $ 12,000) and product shipping charges (from FedEx and DHL, which total US $ 20,000). Will she still blame the financial crisis after that?