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PSPgo is now official, will cost $ 250

This goes down in history as the most poorly kept secret of an E3! Now more than official: the PSPgo will be launched on October 1st, costing US $ 250 (250 euros in Europe). The date, by the way, is the same for the launch of Gran Turismo PSP racing simulator world famous for bringing hundreds of vehicles and having realistic physics. The arrival of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker has also been confirmed.

PSPgoGo bigger. Go smaller. Go digital. Go versatile. Go anywhere.

In addition to what we already know, the PSPgo will have optional A / V cables (composite and component), a dock for synchronization via USB and charging, two optional colors (black piano or pearl white) and Wi-Fi connectivity that is already typical of these laptops, in addition to having its internal 16GB expanded using 2GB or 4GB Micro Memory Sticks. It has been confirmed that, from now on, all games will be released both as UMD and as downloads, that is, your old PSP does not need to be depressed.

For more information on the official release of the fourth PSP model, you can check the official product page or the coverage of the Gamespot at the Sony conference of this E3.