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New iPhone would have been approved with capacities ranging between 4GB and 32GB

iPhone flash nandO Engadget claims to have received information from a reliable source stating that the PCS Type Review Certification Board, a group that carries out certifications on GSM mobile equipment for various organizations (among them AT&T) would have approved new iPhones with capacities of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

They also believe that Apple will not launch new devices with cutting-edge components and software in a small capacity such as 4GB, which may indicate that Ma will make the differentiation of models not only by internal space (as currently), but also by variations in hardware.

As a result, rumors are back that the Cupertino firm will launch a $ 100 iPhone, with simpler hardware and software with fewer functions to attack the market directly. low-end of smartphones and increase your market share, as suggested earlier in the Bernstein Research report.