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iFixIt gets its hands on a Palm Pre, takes it apart and compares it to the iPhone

And we're still on the second day of sales! Oscaras of iFixIt They took a Pre to the last consequences and discovered that much of the philosophy behind the iPhone is impregnated in industrial design in this release from Palm. This is not so much astonishing, considering that 1. all smartphones are treading the paths Apple and 2. Jon Rubinstein, former senior vice president of engineering at Apple, was part of the Palm team on this project.

Among other noteworthy points, they realized that the Pre's logic board is substantially smaller than the iPhone's (?what a difference a year doesn't make?, they commented) and that, in general, the device has a more Apple-like than any other electronics outside the orchard dismantled by them. Below, you can see a comparison of what is left of a Pre (below) with the rest of an iPhone 3G (above).

iFixIt - Palm Pre and iPhone 3G

There was no lack of praise for the technical feat of placing a physical keyboard on a phone the same size as the iPhone: this component alone accounts for about 25% of the total weight of the Pre. I imagine the anything how light it would be if webOS had a virtual keyboard exclusively! Another very striking thing in the process was the delicacy of certain fittings, which will certainly make repairs like all difficult. gadgetIt is best not to need this.

If you want to check out a ?second opinion? or see high resolution photos of the disassembly of the most talked about phone this weekend, you can go to the Rapid Repair the guys even made an assessment and concluded that the manufacture of a Pre costs about $ 170. And, if you like the most sordid details, be sure to check out the analysis made byphoneWreck.

(Tip from Emanuel Tavares, thank you!)