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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Coming out of an iPhone to an Android? See how to transfer contacts from one platform to another.

Nowadays, it is common to see manufacturers like Samsung bringing applications focused on making the transition betweeniPhones and devices with Android – or even between two of the same type. However, it is interesting to remember that there are always other alternatives if you encounter problems when transferring contacts and calendar from one cell phone to another.

That said, we've separated some alternatives for transferring contacts from iPhone to Android. Check out:

Google Drive lets you transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

Yes, the cloud storage service itself Google allows you to transition from one smartphone to another. Even the very Google teaches the user how to transfer contacts, calendar and files between Android and iOS through this official page.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to AndroidEverything that can be transferred via Google Drive

Simply put, what you need to download is Google Drive in your iPhone through App Store. To access the application and its functions, you need a Google account, which can be your email, for example.

After logging in, go to Menu > Settings > Backup and choose what you want to save in your backup or, if you prefer, simply select the ?Start the backup?To save all your files.

After the process, which should take according to the speed of your Wi-Fi, just enter Google Drive your Android smartphone – which must already be pre-installed at the factory – and use the same account to perform the synchronization.

Gmail is another Google app that facilitates the transition

Illustrative image of the Gmail logo, where it is also possible to transfer contacts between iPhone and AndroidGmail another native Android app

The e-mail service of Google, whose app you can download from the iPhone App Store, is very useful when transferring contacts from iPhone to Android. In fact, the Gmail you can even transfer your calendar or calendar together.

To do this, simply install the application on the iPhone. When doing this, you need to log in with your email and then go to iOS settings menu and follow this path: Password and Accounts > Gmail > activate the option ?Contacts?.

Now that your personalized information is already in the cloud, just open the Gmail on your Android smartphone and use the same email account to sync.

The great advantage of this method is the possibility to access your calendar from any device where you log in with your Google account. Everything is in a cloud.

Download with iCloud

ICloud home screen to transfer contacts from iPhone and Android

If the iCloud is connected to your iPhone, this is one of the quickest procedures for transferring data, including your phonebook numbers.

At the iPhone, go to Settings, choose option ?Email, Contacts, Calendar? and then "Accounts", where you should see the iCloud. Selecting it, activate the option "Contacts" and then the phone will ask if you want to "join them", from your device with iCloud.

Step by step to transfer contact iPhone and Android

When the process is ready, just access the computer, log in with the Apple ID and select ?Contacts?. Clicking on the key on the lower left side, press to ?Select all? and then choose ?Export vCard?.

Google Contacts pageContacts Google Contacts page to import your contacts from iPhone to Android

After downloading the vCard (.vcf), access and click?Import contacts?. After importing, your contacts that were on the iOS device should appear in seconds on the Google platform.

Use a third-party application

There are a few apps that do that job. One of them Move Contacts, Transfer / Backup. The simple interface and it is very intuitive; once backed up to iPhone, just go on the device Android and download the information.

Check out our channel on YouTube the video showing how to transfer contacts between iPhone and Android:

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Do you know any other way to transfer data between two devices from different platforms? Share with us in the comments!