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Hackers hack 160,000 Nintendo accounts and use stolen data to shop online

Nintendo confirmed that a group of hackers managed to access the accounts of 160,000 users of one of its online services over the month of April. The company claims that cybercriminals have taken advantage of Nintendo Network ID's vulnerabilities to steal user data and even make large-value digital purchases through accounts linked to services like PayPal.

Before the Japanese company implemented the Nintendo Accounts system with the release of the Switch, Nintendo Network ID was the only way to access online services on consoles such as Wii or 3DS. Since accounts could only be created on the console, using the complicated configuration of virtual keyboards, hackers took advantage of the low security level of access credentials to attack.

To avoid further problems, Nintendo has disabled the ability to log in via Nintendo Network ID. The company indicates that all users must activate two-factor authentication on accounts. Nintendo says it is working hard to warn affected users, reset login credentials and refund all users whose accounts were used to make fraudulent purchases.

Although he confirmed the attack and took steps to mitigate the consequences, several Internet users left for social media to express their discontent with the way Nintendo has acted. It is alleged that the company had known about the cyber attack for some time, having only chosen to warn users already after circulating several news on the Internet.

SAPO TEK contacted Nintendo Portugal to understand whether there were any cases registered in Portugal. According to Gonalo Brito, Nintendo Portugal's public relations, there is no information about affected Portuguese users, but it is advisable to take extra precautionary measures, such as the two-factor authentication configuration. You can find out more information in the official notification.