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Encrypto: protect your important documents and share everything securely

Never too much security. When we are talking about sensitive documents and files, then what we really have to worry about. Stop and think fast: how do you send someone a classified contract? If you are one of those who store all your history and financial information on your computer, what do you do to protect all of this?

what comes in Encrypto, a new multi-platform application from the developer MacPaw.

The app stands out for four important features: AES-256 encryption, password hints (ideal for when you send the file to other people), native sharing options (in the case of OS X, we are talking about Mail, AirDrop, Messages and even third party apps / services like Dropbox) and the option to save everything to your own computer (local storage).

The bad part (quite annoying, I would say) is that if your main purpose is to send documents to other people securely, the recipient also needs to have Encrypto installed in order to open the password-protected file. However, MacPaw tried to minimize this obstacle in two ways: offering the app on multiple platforms and at zero cost.

The use of the app is very specific, but without a doubt a great way to protect and share everything with another layer of security.

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