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Curiosity: you can take a picture with your iPhone just by turning the Apple Watch Digital Crown

If you like taking pictures with your iPhone, you most likely know that in some cases the volume button (more specifically the increase button) also serves as a trigger. Well, user JaJaWa (from Reddit) discovered something curious.

The Apple Watch fully connected to the iPhone, right? For example: if you delete a notification on your watch, it will disappear from your smartphone. Another example: when you open the Music app on Watch, you control the playback volume by rolling the Digital Crown to the sides. This volume that you control is actually that of the iPhone. That is, as if you were pressing the smartphone's volume buttons remotely.

So if you open an app like Camera + or Snapchat (which allows you to capture images by pressing the volume button) while the Music app is open on Watch, you can take a picture simply by rolling the Digital Crown to increase the volume. In fact, I don't even need to open the Music app on Watch; you can do this simply by opening the Summary (Glance) of the Music app (swipe from bottom to top).

The principle here is the same as taking a picture by increasing the volume on your headset when it is connected to the iPhone.

Yes, it is true that there is the Cmera app on Watch just to serve as the trigger for the iPhone camera. But the cool thing about this ?trick? is that it works with other third-party apps, which are not necessarily prepared / adapted for the Apple watch.

So, the tip.

(via MacRumors)