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Brazilian SoundShare app receives good updates and gets a “companion”, Match

The last time we talked about SoundShare here on the site he is just over two years old, when he won a set of APIs for other music applications to integrate with him. The developer Mateus Abras is back with great news.

First, SoundShare itself has recently received some recent updates.

SoundShare app icon

SoundShare is a social music network for guests only. In other words, it's an easy and fun way to share what you hear on your iPhone / iPod touch. Just by listening to your music, SoundShare already allows you to share it.

The app has a much improved interface, brings integration with SoundCloud, support for iOS 8 and iPhones 6/6 Plus, improvements in communication with Facebook, playlists new search engine, new shortcut buttons, music sharing via WhatsApp, popular track lists on Spotify and the iTunes Store, and more.

But another novelty from Mateus is a new SoundShare ?companion? app, the Match.

Match by SoundShare app icon

Similar to Shazam and SoundHound, Match allows you to discover songs that are playing close to you. But with two good differentials: 1. if it exists on SoundCloud, you can listen to it in full, for free, through Match itself; and 2. it offers an integration API for other apps. You can also watch video clips and create playlists with the tracks you're discovering.

The interface is also showy, and free of advertisements.

S for guests

So much good now exclusively for guests, and whoever wins a SoundShare account can invite up to 10 friends.

But we did it with Mateus, especially for readers of MacMagazine, 150 accesses social network. Just use the code when registering MACMAG. Good diversion!