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Apple Watch operating system still does not protect the watch from theft

We already talked a lot here on the site about Activation Block. Launched by Apple along with iOS 7, the feature simply does what it promises, reducing theft of iPhones in several cities.

When you activate Find iPhone on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the Apple ID is securely stored on Apple's activation servers and linked to your device. Thereafter, the password will be required before anyone can disable Find iPhone on the device, erase or reactivate and use the device.

If your device is stolen and has the Find iPhone feature (Find My iPhone) activated, the thief simply cannot activate the phone consequently, it becomes a paperweight of those very expensive. the typical feature of removing the hat.

But why are we talking about him, again? Because the Apple Watch, Ma's newest and most desired product, does not have this type of protection. If someone steals your watch, you can easily reset settings and pair with another iPhone / Apple ID. The video below makes this very clear, see:

Jeff Benjamin, from iDownloadBlog, tested it on his own Watch (reset the watch and paired it with another iPhone / Apple ID without any difficulty), showing that Apple made things easier for thieves either for the scoundrel himself to use or to resell.

As the watch does not connect to the internet alone (it needs the iPhone for this), adding a ?Search Watch? feature does not make much sense since, when it was stolen, it will no longer be paired with the owner's iPhone. The solution, as Benjamin suggested, would be for Apple to store Apple ID information locally on the device and ask for the password if the person wants to reset everything, just like Activation Lock. The difference here would be that the iPad / iPhones / iPods touch feature needs internet; on Watch, it wouldn't be necessary.

Apple Watch protected by code

And since we are talking about security, it never hurts to remember that nowadays it is important to put a password on all your devices, including the Apple Watch. Thus, if you are stolen, at least your data will be protected as soon as the Watch is removed from your arm, access is blocked.

In the meantime, let's hope that Apple will implement some sort of Activation Lock on the Watch as soon as possible.