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Apple starts selling notebooks at its Retail Stores to burn remaining inventory

In an email sent to representatives of its stores, educational institutions and other partners whose supply is made directly by the company, Apple said it has set new prices End of Life for notebooks that were declared discontinued with the launches made during WWDC ?09, to facilitate the ?cleaning up? of the remaining inventory. "Our MacBook family has been updated and all current stock of MacBooks and MacBooks Pro should be sold," said the email.

MacBooks Family

Apple reduced the price of previous models of 13-inch MacBooks between $ 100/300, for MacBooks Air between $ 400/800 and that of the previous generation of MacBooks Pro between $ 400/500. In all, nine notebooks won significant discounts to help their sales, as shown in the following list:

Notebook discount table

At least this time, we will not be seeing only ?gringos? taking advantage of the discounts granted by Apple. Recently Apple has also reduced the prices of its products in Brazil and some of the resellers are already putting them into practice.