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Apple renews campaign "Everything changes with the iPad" and indicates several apps for users

Apple decided to renew the campaign ?Everything changes with the iPad?, which started at the beginning of last February and had a sequence shortly thereafter, in the same month.

The iPad can change the way we do things every day. Do a new project, acquire a new skill or start a new one hobby. We've put together some of our favorite apps and ideas to help you get started.

Still unavailable on Apple's Brazilian website, the campaign focuses on several themes and, in each of them, Apple highlights some apps that help you accomplish a certain task. See s:


Everything changes with the iPad - Culinria

Panna app icon: Video Recipes & Classes

NYT Cooking app icon

Green Kitchen app icon

Sorry, app not found.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List app icon

Epicurious app icon

Instacart app icon


in Maplebear Inc

Version 7.24.0 (162.9 MB) Requires iOS 11.0 or higher Not available on the Brazilian App Store!

Jamie's Recipes app icon

Kitchen Stories app icon

Sorry, app not found.

Because of the support it offers, Smart Cover was highlighted in this theme. Siri went too, since she can be very useful while we have dirty / busy hands (cooking).

Learn something new

Everything changes with iPad - Learn something new

Metamorphabet: Amazing ABC's app icon

Endless Numbers app icon

Osmo Tangram app icon

Hopscotch-Programming for kids app icon

Star Walk 2 app icon - Starry Sky

Earth Primer app icon

CHEMIST by THIX app icon

Notability app icon

Coursera app icon: Learn online

Sorry, app not found.

ITunes U app icon

iTunes U

in Apple

Version 3.7.4 (40.3 MB) Requires iOS 11.0 or superior

Curious - the game of learning app icon

Yousician Guitar, Piano & Bass app icon

Duolingo app icon

Sorry, app not found.

IBooks, which is already installed at the factory on iOS, was also highlighted.

Small business

Everything changes with iPad - Small businesses

Sorry, app not found.

Weebly app icon by Square

Mailchimp Marketing & CRM app icon

Evernote Scannable app icon

Square Point of Sale (POS) app icon

Sorry, app not found.

QuickBooks Online app icon

Numbers app icon


in Apple

Version 10.0 (511.6 MB) Requires iOS 12.0 or superior

SignEasy app icon: Subscribe and fill in Doc

Sorry, app not found.


Everything changes with the iPad - Traveling

Trover - Photo App for Travel app icon

Sygic Travel Offline Maps app icon

Maplets - The Offline Maps App app icon

Leo's Fortune app icon

Pocket app icon

Hotel Tonight app icon: Great Deals

VSCO app icon: Photo and Video Editor

Quik - GoPro Video Editor app icon

Adobe Spark Page app icon

Here it was the turn of the native Maps and FaceTime applications.


Everything changes with the iPad - Decorating

Pinterest app icon

Sorry, app not found.

Houzz - Home Design & Remodel app icon

Sorry, app not found.

Magicplan app icon - 2D / 3D floor plans

Sorry, app not found.

Homestyl Interior Design app icon

Sorry, app not found.

Skitch app icon: Take photo, Tag, Send

WikiHow app icon

ICloud Photo Sharing was featured in this theme.

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The truth is that all of this is just a beautiful curation by Apple, indicating to us (users) interesting applications of the most varied possible. Without a doubt, Ma's apps and this work make all the difference for the Apple platform when compared to others like Android and Windows Phone.