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Apple is again honored for creating accessible products for the visually impaired

THE AFB (American Foundation for the Blinds, or American Foundation for the Blind) announced this week the names of the four honorees who will receive the prestigious award Helen Keller on the night of June 18, in New York (United States).

We are honoring the achievements of individuals and companies for their success in improving the quality of life of people with vision loss through revolutionary innovations or inspiring achievements that change the perception of what it means to be visually impaired.

Carl R. Augusto, president and CEO of AFB.

Eduardo Homem de S using iPhoneThis is our friend Eduardo Homem de S (visually impaired, who traveled with us on the first MM Tour) using his iPhone at the opening of the Apple Store – Morumbi.

THE Apple next to the actor Charlie Cox (who plays a blind hero in the series ?The Daredevil?), by the musician Ward Marston (who are visually impaired) and the company VandaPharmaceuticals (for the pioneering treatment of a circadian rhythm disorder, which can affect people who are totally blind) receiving the award on VoiceOver, present on Macs, iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Here's what Ma says about the technology (iOS version):

VoiceOver is a motion-based screen reader that allows you to enjoy all the fun and simplicity of iOS, even without seeing the screen. With VoiceOver enabled, just click the Home button three times to access it wherever you are on iOS. There is a description of everything that is happening on the screen, of how the battery is charging and who is calling even what app your finger is on. You can adjust the speed and pitch of the voice.

Apple already received this same award in 2009, also because of the pioneering spirit in offering affordable products to everyone. Coincidentally, this week we talked about the accessibility of the Apple Watch and how, once again, Ma is ahead of the competition in this regard.

It is on a path that everyone should follow Ma

(via 9to5Mac)