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Apple buys space that was once a chip factory in San Jose for $ 18.2 million

Apple just doesn't stop.

According to Silicon Valley Business Journal, Ma acquired a space of ~ 6,500 square meters in San Jose that belonged to Maxim Integrated Products and served as a factory for its semiconductors for $ 18.2 million.

Still following the newspaper, MIP bought the place that previously belonged to Samsung in 1997, but shortly afterwards closed the factory when it left the consumer electronics market aside.

Apple is unlikely to use the space for chip making, as it is relatively small. It is most likely that there will be some kind of laboratory for product development, prototype creation, prefabrication, among other things. As a curiosity, this new land acquired by Apple is very close to a Samsung semiconductor factory, opened earlier this year.

Apple is increasingly present in San Jose. We recently informed that the company will be able to build a new campus even bigger than the spaceship, since it has rented / bought spaces that add up to 385.5 thousand square meters (Apple Campus 2 will have approximately 260 thousand square meters).

(via 9to5Mac)