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How to make a live? Learn how to broadcast live on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

See the entire step by step of how to make a live on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube through the applications and the browser

With social isolation due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19), started popping up several lives (or live streams) on social media. For you who are planning to produce live content on the internet, Showmetech created a quick guide with step by step how to make a live on Instagram, Facebook and in YouTube.

Lives can be produced using the companies' own applications, without any external resources to produce their contents. At the Facebook and in Youtube, you can still make live streams on the desktop or notebook via webcam, or with other external cameras. Here's how to do it.


Live broadcasts on Instagram today it is one of the main features of the platform. With social isolation due to the pandemic, the feature gained even more popularity. An interesting option is the possibility of lives with two people at the same time (you + one) and so the engagement can be even greater, since the two accounts start to notify the followers that you are live. See below how to make a live on the social network:

Step 1: Open the application Instagram on the device that you use to broadcast live. On the home screen, slide the display to the right (or click the camera icon at the top left of the screen);

Step 2: In the footer, you will find varied resources, such as Scenes, Boomerang, Layout, Free Mos, among others. Sliding to the right, there is the last option, which is live streaming. Then, click on the round button to start your live;

Step 3: Before starting, the Instagram do a brief check of your internet connection;

Live Instagram with another friendSee how to make a live on Instagram and invite a friend to share in the same broadcast

Step 4: When you're on the air, you can count on some special features. For example: to make a live broadcast with one more person, click on the icon with two faces and select a person who is watching you. In addition, you can receive and respond to comments, send a notification about the broadcast to your followers and follow in real time how many accounts are watching you;

Step 5: At the end of his live on Instagram (clicking Close), you?ll be able to check how many people followed your live broadcast, download the live to your camera roll and even make it available on Instagram Stories for 24h. Thus, those who could not see it before, can watch it later.

Okay, above is the step by step of how to make a live on Instagram. It is important to note that the social network limits the time you spend live: about an hour. If you want to stay longer, after finishing your first transmission, just start another one.


Live broadcasts are also widely used in the Facebook. You can go live to chat with your friends and even create some special interactions that the social network itself provides (similar to Instagram). See below for directions on how to make a live on Facebook.

Step 1: Open the application Facebook on the device to be used for the live and the status update box What are you thinking about?, select the option Live;

Step 2: Before starting, it is possible to make some settings about who should watch your content. For example: clicking on the menu Publish, you will be able to select your audience and define who will be able to view your live: everyone in the Facebook, all your friends on the social network, all friends except a few (configurable to remove some people), only you, close friends (with the creation of a personalized list), or acquaintances (also with the creation of a personalized list);

Step 3: After selecting one of the options above, just add a description and click the button Start live video.

Live on Facebook from desktop and notebook

To make a live through a notebook or desktop, just follow the step by step below:

Step 1: Access your profile on Facebook through the browser. After logging in, next to the post box (in What are you thinking), click on the three dots next to feeling.

Way of how to make a live on Facebook through the desktop or notebook

Step 2: That done, just select the menu Live video.

Way of how to make a live on Facebook through the desktop or notebook

Step 3: You will be directed to the page Live Producer, where it will be possible to make all the necessary settings before starting your live broadcast, such as: defining the source of capture, programming a live video, creating polls and questions, and even sharing the screen.

Way of how to make a live on Facebook through the desktop or notebook
Way of how to make a live on Facebook through the desktop or notebook


O YouTube It is an excellent platform for making live streams, especially since it is a 100% video network. In addition, you can also create more professional lives, with multiple cameras and other special features. Below, see the step by step how to produce a live on YouTube and how to find tools to make it more interesting for those watching.

Step 1: Rather, I have to say that live broadcasts on YouTube are only allowed for accounts with more than 1,000 subscribers. The video platform allows the production of lives on several devices (mobile, tablet and notebook / desktop). To do it on your smartphone or tablet, access the application YouTube on the device to be used for the live;

Step 2: At the top of the app, click on the camera icon. Soon after, a box with three options will appear: create a video, produce a live video, or create a post;

Step 3: After clicking live, you will be directed to a screen where you will fill in some information about your live: inform a title (mandatory), select if it will be a public content, add the live location and answer if the content is intended for children. With all of that ok, just click on Next;

Step 4: Add a thumbnail (thumb) to live and click on Live Stream;

Step 5: Select the transmission format (landscape or portrait mode). There, you will be in the air. To finish, click the X and then OK.

Live on YouTube from your computer

YouTube Studio screen to make lives on YouTubeYouTube Studio screen with all the information on how to make a live on YouTube

Step 1: Access the YouTube in the browser and log in with your account;

Step 2: In the upper right corner, click the camera icon and click broadcast live;

Step 3: Once this is done, you will be directed to the YouTube Studio, where you can make the same settings (just like in the app) before starting your live broadcast.

At the YouTube, lives can become even more professional through some programs that enhance this feature. Just them: OBS Studio, Wirecast, Cyclane and Be.Live.

Live on Facebook very important to take some precautions before producing a live on social networks

Be in Instagram (a little more relaxed) or on other social networks, it is very important to plan what you want to convey to your followers. So be sure to create a script with the directions of your live. it is essential to choose a well-lit place without external noise.

Producing a live and not having almost anyone watching can be frustrating for some people. In view of this, advertise in advance on your social networks, ask people to send questions and suggestions. Be creative and use the tools that are provided by the social networks themselves that encourage engagement with your audience.

Has valuable tips on how to make a live on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube? So share it with us here in the comments.

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