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How to delete Instagram account in a few steps

We teach you how to delete Instagram account or just disable it. Find out which case best fits your situation!

Whether unplug from social networks and decided to start on Instagram? Can't take any more seeing unwanted stories? Whatever your reason or choice, here in this tutorial we will teach you how to delete Instagram account.

When talking about the social network, it is important to know that you have two options: delete or deactivate your account. The first definitive, while the other is a way to stay away temporarily with the possibility of recovery. None of them can be done via the app, just by logging in to Instagram on the browser.

Below, we give you two options on how to delete Instagram account, just follow the step-by-step.

How to permanently delete Instagram account

We already said at the beginning: you cannot delete the account directly through the application. Here we will explain how to delete via PC and, subsequently, via cell phone.

Remember that the social network itself leaves the warning that, when deleting the account, ?it will not be possible to re-register with the same username or add it to another account?. Your account also cannot be reactivated, being an exclusion permanent. There are other options, if you want to temporarily disable.

With the login done, the first step will go to the ?delete account? area and select one of the options in the ?Why are you deleting your account??.

instagram, desktop interface, how to delete your instagram account

Next, you should re-enter your password and explain the reason for the exclusion again. Only after these steps, you will see the option ?Permanently delete my account?That, it?s worth remembering, definitive.

How to delete Instagram on mobile

Since it is not possible to delete your account directly through the app, you need to go to the ?delete account? area on browser (be it Safari or Chrome, for example), log in and select one of the reasons from the ?Why are you deleting your account??.

instagram interface on mobile, with selection of reason to delete account and field for password insertion

With that, Instagram asks you to re-enter password for security reasons, before allowing you to click the big red button ?Delete my account permanently? without the possibility of you creating another account with an identical username in the future.

Finally, it remains to delete the application. Both in the case of Android as in iOS, just go to your device's main menu and hold the Instagram icon until the ?uninstall? pop-up appears.

How to temporarily disable Instagram

It is also not possible to disable your account directly through the app, so the exit opens the website in a browser, either on the PC or mobile phone. If you open the Instagram and your mobile browser redirect directly to the application, just request the desktop back (present in both Safari and Google Chrome, for example) in the browser menu.

With the window open, you should go to your profile (by clicking on your photo thumbnail in the upper right corner) and selecting Edit profile. Optionally, just type in the address bar ?instagram/? followed by your username (example: instagram/showmetech).

instagram, app with seleo edit profile

Go to the page and click Temporarily disable my account. By default, Instagram will ask you ?Why are you deactivating your account??, For which you can choose any of the options, being obliged to re-enter password for security reasons. Finally, just reselect the same blue button ?Temporarily deactivate my account? and that's it, the account is deactivated.

instagram app interface, with seleo temporarily disable my account

When deactivating, as if your entire record was hidden temporarily. Those who follow you will no longer be able to access your [email protected]?. To you turn back, quite simple: just login and everything appears as magic again.

Following these steps, no matter what the situation, we hope you have understood all the procedures on how to delete account from Instagram or suddenly you find that you just want to disable it.

SOURCE: Instagram Help Center