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NVIDIA to introduce video card technology that can help Apple

This morning, NVIDIA revealed few details of a new graphics technology that it may present at CES 2010 starting tomorrow, known only by the name "Optimus". It is estimated that it will be important for its partner manufacturers (such as Apple), which depend on their integrated solutions but also want to migrate their products to the latest Intel processors, something currently impossible due to a legal fight that it has open against GPU manufacturer.

NVIDIA GeForce 9-Series, on a MacBook

This is a manufacturing process to give better battery life to machines with NVIDIA video cards, but without sacrificing performance or requiring the use of a fully integrated solution, as is currently the case with MacBooks, Macs mini and even with the entry model of the iMac. For the case of Apple professional notebooks that use two GPUs, one being integrated, perhaps this technology will completely replace the current Hybrid SLI used in them, or is also based on it to keep the notebook architecture similar in its future generations.

Apparently, NVIDIA will talk a little bit about Optimus during CES, but we will only see products based on it for purchase at the end of the first two months. If Apple is to adopt it, we will hardly see new MacBooks before that.

(via Electronist)