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In New York, there have been three Apple store robberies with thieves posing as employees

THE uniform employees of Apple Retail Stores something quite iconic. Anyone who has ever entered a store knows. Taking advantage of the fact that they are always crowded (especially some positioned in quite touristy locations), thieves soon saw an "opportunity".

Apple Store, SoHo

In New York last week as reported by the DNAinfo New York, a man dressed as an employee entered the Apple Store, SoHo and managed to steal 19 iPhones without raising suspicions at least at the time of the crime. As he was wearing a similar / equal T-shirt from the employees, he simply entered an area for workers (for repairing devices), took the smartphones that were inside a drawer, hid under the T-shirt and handed them to a partner; then they both left the store as if nothing had happened.

The theft, which took place at 5:30 pm on June 1, resulted in a loss of $ 16,100, and the local police are still investigating the crime.

Apple Retail Store - Upper West Side (New York City)

It is not the first time this has happened there. According to New York Post, two other similar robberies using the same strategy took place at the Apple Store, Upper West Side, earlier this year. In the first, there were 8 iPhones, totaling US $ 5,300; in the second, 59 devices, which caused a loss of US $ 44 thousand.

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(via BGR, Gizmodo Brasil)