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Google Android Android Messaging for PC; app similar to WhatsApp Web | Internet

Google this week launched Android Web Messaging, which means that the native Android system app is now accessible via the PC browser. The app, which now allows you to exchange SMS on your computer, works like WhatsApp Web, since it requires a cell phone to scan the code on the computer screen to log in. The platform brings to the desktop the renewed experience of the app, which, by supporting RCS technology, now supports image and video messaging in addition to the traditional SMS message.

Google brings RCS, evolution of SMS, to Brazil in partnership with operators

The web version is already available at through Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge browsers, among others. The service, however, requires a new version of the app on Android to allow the connection. According to Google, the update on the cell phone arrives for everyone throughout the week.

Google's Android Messages gets a web version Photo: Reproduo / Paulo AlvesGoogle's Android Messages gets a web version Photo: Reproduo / Paulo Alves

Google's Android Messages gets a web version Photo: Reproduo / Paulo Alves

Android Web Messaging should be made available along with the reformulation of the mobile application commented since April. From a simple SMS manager, the app will become a more complete messenger, with functions similar to the iPhone's iMessage rival (iOS).

One of the novelties is the support for GIFs and the possibility to copy activation codes received via SMS with one touch. In addition, Google brings the Smart Reply function, which reads the context of a received message and suggests ready-made responses. This feature, however, will only be available initially in English.

Integration between SMS messages and multimedia content in a single app takes place using RCS technology. The communication standard is already available in Brazil for customers of the operators Claro, Oi and Vivo. Users should be able to use the web version of the service to exchange SMS over the computer with a friend using a cell phone, or vice versa.

The RCS does not offer encrypted messages, but Google guarantees that the information between the mobile phone and the user's computer will be protected to prevent leakage of sensitive data. Once the connection between the two devices is established, the browser encrypts the communication for 14 days until it requires a new authentication via QR code.