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At an event, Tim Cook talks about entrepreneurship, Apple Watch, health, technology in education and more

It is happening in Amsterdam (Netherlands) from today until the 28th Startup Fest Europe, an event that brings together founders, investors, leaders and developers to take startups tips and examples that will make them grow, in addition to the possibility of partnerships and investments. The opening is in charge of many big names like Tim Cook, Eric Schmidt (Alphabet chairman), Travis Kalanick (Uber CEO), among others. The CEO of Apple was the first to be interviewed by Neelie Kroes, bringing up issues like the contributions of entrepreneurs in the App Store, the situation of startups in Europe, economic optimism, technology in education, Apple Watch and more.

Cook started the interview by talking about how Apple makes selling apps easier instantly and directly through the App Store. The company's help also comes from opening the way for startups, offering technical and marketing help; that way, developers are free to focus on their products. Cook recalled that the Development Center in Naples will stimulate the application economy in places where adequate attention does not yet exist. When asked by Kroes about his ?closed? platform, he replied that 2 million apps on the App Store would not fit in the ?closed? classification and recalled that the app approval process brings much more confidence and security to users. Pulling a hook, he reiterated the matter about privacy, arguing that Apple's role is to implement privacy and encryption for all those who depend on its products.

Tim Cook at Startup fest EuropeCredit: Marlene Awaad (Bloomberg)

When they addressed Europe's economic moment in relation to startupsCook commented that the laws favored those who are starting their business a lot. He also made a point of quoting a proverb in order to highlight the importance of entrepreneurs investing in people: ?If you want to prosper for a year, plant grain. If you want to prosper for ten years, plant trees. If you want to prosper for a hundred years, invest in people. ? The statement can be taken in all areas and that is why Ma pays great attention education. According to Cook, programming should be compulsory subject in school curricula, being a "disservice" to children not to introduce them to this world. He would like to apply this measure in the 4 and 5 series (in Brazil, 5 and 6 years old), causing more diversity in this area and more people being interested in it. As for higher education, he says that there should be a closer relationship between private businesses and new companies so that they can hire people directly from universities.

As usual, there were no details on the company's future plans, but Cook mentioned that Ma will still do many things related to TV and entertainment, to CareKit and to ResearchKit. Complementing the subject of health, he expressed high expectations for the Apple Watch.

If you drive for a while and your car gets very hot, he tells you to park. If you need to change the oil, he will tell you. What is the body equivalent? () I love Watch. One day, we're going to look back and think "how could I live without him?" Its main function is to be able to monitor more and more of what is going on with our body. For now, there is no technology for this, but it will exist. () If you could have a device that knew so much about you, it would be incredible and would increase life expectancy and quality. I am not saying that a single device will do it all.

Another statement by Cook arouses curiosity in those who think that profit is everything for the company: ?If you look at many things that we work with that, despite not bringing income, our teams have an enormous interest, health is basically one of them.?

To end the conversation, the executive advised new entrepreneurs and startups not to worry about ?cannibalizing? by cutting old products to make room for new ones. In addition, he warned to be careful with pride: ?(Companies) care about their cufflinks and beautiful buildings, but what really matters is to create good products.?

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Taking advantage of the momentum, guess who tweeted about the event? Mr. Cook!

Great energy, great entrepreneurs at @startupfesteu this morning. Amsterd, thanks and see you soon!

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