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Apple's success with iPhones and iPods continues to unbalance production of NAND flash memories

Analyzes carried out by iSuppli researchers prove that the NAND flash memory industry has not yet managed to adapt to the constant growth in sales of iPods and iPhones, causing imbalances in the supply of these components. One of the analysts even warned that, if the company's alleged tablet is launched with this type of storage solution, there is a possibility that the global production of memories will be severely impaired.

64GB NAND flash chips from Toshiba

These components are expected to be in short supply for gadget manufacturers for some time during the year, requiring their suppliers (such as Toshiba, in the case of Apple) to make adjustments to their facilities to meet strong demand. As a consequence, we are likely to see increases in the price of NAND flash memories, forcing gadget manufacturers to miss a great opportunity to reduce the prices of their products and stimulate the consumer market.

However, for those who manufacture these memories, the year 2010 should be quite prosperous. The most recent estimates point to an overall growth of 15.4% in the revenue generated by the entire market, which may be even greater, if these manufacturers are able to adapt their production infrastructures in time to get great orders.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)