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Apple would be talking to companies specializing in charging stations for electric cars

Think with me: if your company is developing an electric car (be it self-guided or not), one of the main items of this gear is drums and yours charging stations.

I wouldn?t say that Apple?s strong battery, but it?s undeniable that the company has a lot of experience with it, after all, practically all products have one (among the most important, only Macs, desktops and Apple TVs are left out). Now, when we think of charging stations and the technology for that, Apple is simply still a fish out of water.

With all the rumors of the ?Apple Car? coming up around the world, I wondered when news about a possible Apple onslaught in something like that would come up. It took, but it arrived. According to Reuters (who quoted people familiar with the matter), Ma is talking to some companies specializing in this type of technology and is hiring engineers with experience in the area at least according to the search made on the social network LinkedIn.

very true that us campuses from Apple there are charging stations and the company could be talking to these companies about implementing new stations in their locations. But no, this would not be the case according to Reuters. "They (the conversations) indicate that Apple is focused on a car," said one of those people inside the subject.

Now think: if you were from a company focused on charging stations, would you share information like that with Apple? Of course, it can be a beautiful opportunity to do business with Ma (either by providing technology or even involving a possible acquisition). But there is always the possibility that Apple simply wants to better understand how it all works, to catch some possible ideas and create its own technology (like Tesla, for example, which did something proprietary for its cars).

In the field of contracting, Apple brought to Cupertino at least four names that specialize in electric vehicle charging such as Rnn Braonin (ex-BMW employee), Nan Liu (engineer who researched a way of wireless charging for electric vehicles) and Kurt Adelberger (ex-Googler, inventor alongside four other electric car names).

Returning to the stations, they are undoubtedly a determining factor in the success of the electric car market. To have an idea, according to an estimate by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, California would need 13 to 25 times more charging stations (currently has 8,000) by 2020 to handle the project that involves placing 1 million electric cars in streets. We are talking about California, Tesla's birthplace and American cradle of imagine technology in other American states; think of other countries