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Apple tablet launch may already take place in January

At least what the reputable says Financial Times, in a story published this Tuesday night. The report even corroborates one from yesterday WSJ, about possible Apple agreements with stadiums for distribution of multimedia content via monthly subscriptions.

Apple tablet with National Geographic

According to FT, Apple is preparing a bombing announcement in January, which will culminate in the revelation of the long-awaited iTablet. Mass production of the touchscreen Mac, however, should only start in early February. Much of this has to do with what the iLounge released in late September; at that time, the guys even dictated an exact launch date for the product, which would be January 19, 2010 (a Tuesday). To be?

If things are really hot, an invitation to the press should be distributed by Apple within the next two or three weeks, at the most. As in other occasions that we saw in 2009, this should be independent, since the Cupertino firm does not participate in either CES 2010 or Macworld 2010 (which will only happen in February).