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Apple Campus 2: unpublished video shows images from inside the building

Apple's Glass House by PopSci

Every month, we are waiting for new images from Apple Campus 2 and, normally, we see the "spaceship" from above, from afar. This time, the Popular Science he got indistinct images from inside the building, very close.

Approximately 3,000 glass panels are being installed, most measuring 10 and 14 meters wide and 3.2 meters long.

Apple campus 2 - popular science

Inside, 4,300 unique concrete slabs are being placed, which will be used both on the floor and on the ceiling and also to assist in the natural air system of the building itself. This is because they are hollow, which allows air to circulate more easily.

As we have seen so far, every detail is being very well thought out to be ?in the face? of Ma.

The Apple Campus 2 is expected to end in early 2017 at the latest.

(via BGR)