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TEK suggestion: 10 Easter gift ideas you can (still) buy online

See some of the recommendations that apply to have the best online shopping experience

Check delivery times

If you really want to surprise someone in time for Easter, remember that it is a public holiday and there is not much time left. Check the delivery times indicated on the websites so that the gifts arrive before the festive date.

Check the price history

One of the most frequent schemes is false promotion. The DecoComparar Preoslogger tool records the evolution of product prices in online stores over the past few days, and indicates whether or not this is a good buy. If you have had an eye on a product for some time, make sure that the promotion was made at its real price.

Compare prices

A 40% discount is certainly more attractive than a 20% discount, but in fact, everything depends on the original base price. Compare prices between various stores through websites such as KuantoKusta, or even through brand / store websites.

Know the store policies

Any product purchased online can be returned within 14 days, but if the purchase is made in a physical store the rules are different. Always inquire about the exchange and return policy during this promotion period. To help consumers learn about their rights, the European Union launched, in partnership with Deco Proteste, the YourEUright Ests Initiative on Your Right.

Beware of fake sales

When a deal seems too good to be true, be wary. At this time, numerous fictitious stores appear, spaces that sell low-quality, defective, counterfeit and pirated products. Verify that the store is trustworthy, confirm payment methods and features. You can also consult the Complaint Portal or the opinion of third parties about the store in question and the respective shopping experience.

Secure payments

The credit card, Multibanco reference and PayPal are the payment methods most used in online stores. There are other alternatives, but not all of them are the safest. Avoid paying by bank transfer or using an unknown payment method. Never provide confidential or personal data in response to email messages or via SMS, even if the source appears to be legitimate, and never add your bank account to a mobile phone number other than yours.

Care of links

We receive dozens of messages on the phone or by email about specific campaigns and irresistible offers, where all we have to do is simply follow the link. Never click on a link without confirming that the legitimate email is under penalty of triggering a phishing attack and compromising your data, your equipment or even your company's network.

Avoid buying through shared equipment

We all leave a digital footprint wherever we go. Some of the data is harmless, others are too personal to be shared. Avoid shopping on computers at libraries, cafes or other establishments.