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Outraged user calls for new generation MacBook Air with 10.1 inch screen

"If you can get an apple for $ 1, why pay $ 2 for half an apple?" so our reader Leonardo M. Pessoa starts an Apple tease on the MacBook Air 10.1 ? page, recently created by him with the aim of opening the eyes of the Cupertino firm to the need for changes to its more portable MacBook.

Despite recognizing that the MacBook Air is beautiful and compact, Leonardo says that it makes no sense to pay more for a machine without major differences in relation to the remaining MacBooks and MacBooks Pro in the current line of Apple notebooks. For him, it is best to recognize that the Air is a netbook, launching a new generation with a 10.1 inch screen.

?I didn't want to wait for something official to appear on the tablet to speak to me, because it gives the impression that it will be nothing more than a giant iPhone / iPod touch. I don't think so, so I decided to start a new campaign ?, Leonardo tells us. ?Just as there will be people against, I know there will be people in favor too. The proposal on the site is all based on logic and, if you go to see it, I am not talking absurd at all. ?

Aiming at a greater dissemination, Leonardo preferred to create the page (which brings a visual that simulates that of the Apple website) all in English, but it is very simple to understand. If you agree with his idea, be sure to sign the petition online and publicize the campaign on Twitter using hashtag # macbookair10.