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Limited production of OLED screens indicates that iTablet may have a conventional LCD

A few days ago, there was a rumor that Apple acquired an ?avalanche? of 10.1-inch LCD and OLED screens, implying that the components would match iTablet. Today, however, Ars Technica talked to Barry Young, director of the OLED Association, who practically eliminated the possibilities of the rumor being true.

According to Barry, today there is no OLED touchscreen supplier (we say "AMOLED" for active matrix OLEDs) with production that is not even similar to what we see on LCDs, which is currently covered by multiple manufacturers. An order for 10.1 ? OLED screens of the magnitude expected from Apple would have to be something very specific, and very likely there would be no way to be fulfilled now.

Samsung is the only manufacturer today that has a reasonable level of OLED production, but is still limited to 150,000 units per month (the giant LG, for example, can only produce a fifth of that). The number alone would be little for Apple, and that considering that Samsung would dispense with all of its current partners from whom it is already struggling to meet high demand.

In view of all this information, the conclusion reached is that iSlate should use, at least in its first generation, a conventional LCD. This would not only prevent Apple from facing production difficulties, but would also make it cheaper to manufacture the product.

This has nothing to do with providing OLEDs for portable devices, however. The focus of these manufacturers today to meet demand mainly for AMOLED screens from 3.5 to 4.5 inches, that is, who knows, let's see one of these coming to the fourth generation iPhone.